About us

Email: sussexstoves@gmail.com

Tel: 07885 610449 / 01903 412322


What are we all about...


We are more than happy to fit stoves and accessories already purchased by the customer or we can take the worry of sourcing all you need away from you and supply and fit everything.

As a HETAS registered company you can put your mind at rest with the knowledge that all of our installations are fully insured and carried out by competent persons.   All works are signed off to building control leaving you with a certificate from your Local Council.

We offer a full service; from that first “shall we have a wood burner” conversation, we will work with you to supply and fit your dream stove/fireplace carrying out all building work and alterations that need to be done.

We also offer a part service where we are happy to install stoves and/or liners that have been supplied by you, again signing all our work off to building control...